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Bob and Barb's Retirement from Puppets' Party / Reunion / Celebration
at the First United Reformed Church of Oak Lawn

There’s Always Something Going On

Our church is more than just Sunday services. There’s a whole lot happening with our community throughout the year. We hold frequent gatherings and events, with special get togethers for families, kids and new members.

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Puppeteer Party with Bob & Barb

April 23, 2022 at 5 pm central time

"Bob and Barb Schutt have retired from leading puppets!

Oak Lawn URC is hosting a reunion / celebration dinner for ALL of those who have participated as Puppeteers and their spouses/fiances 
(sorry, no young children) 

Please join us Saturday April 23, 2022 at 5 pm
at the church.. Dinner will be provided. 
Please RSVP by email before April 17 to: 

There will be a thank-you collection for them available. In the RSVP, please include some memories and/or pictures we can compile for them.

Send a greeting even if you cannot come, tell them/us aout your life and family after puppets

Puppeteer Party with Bob & Barb: What's Happening
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